Infrasarkanās barjeras
Infrasarkanā 2 staru barjera 60m | Alean - ABT-60
Ražotājs: Alean
Preces kods: ABT-60
Cena: 45.00
  • 2 staru infrasarkanā fotoelektriskā barjēra ar apsildi
  • Noteikšanas diapazons: Ārā - 60m / Iekšā - 180m
  • Izmērs: 212 x 80 x 75 mm
  • Barošanas Spriegums DC/AC 12 ~ 24V



Model ABT-60
Detection Range Outdoor 60m
Indoor 180m
Maximum Arrival Distance 350m
Detection Method Simultaneous interruption of 2 infrared beams
Interruption Time 50ms,100ms,300ms,700ms (selectable)
Frequencies 4 different channels selectable
Power Supply DC/AC 12~24V
Current Consumption 70mA max
Alarm Period ≥1.5sec
Alarm Output 1C. relay output  (AC/DC30V, 1.0A max)
Tamper Switch NC, opens when cover removed
Protection Degree IP65
Operating Temperature     -25℃ to +55℃
Environment Humidity 95% max
Alignment Angle Horizontal 180°(±90°), Vertical 20°(±10°)
Mounting Outdoor or indoor, Wall or Pole
Material PC engineering plastic
Dimension (L*W*H) 212*80*75mm
Weight (Transimtter and Receiver) 1000g
Attachments U bracket 2pcs, 70.4*37.5*21.5mm,
δ=1.5mm, stainless steel
Pole mounting srew 4pcs, PM4*30mm
Wall mounting screw 4pcs, PM4*25mm
Expansion pipe 4pcs, Φ7*27mm, green
Installation paper 2pcs, W85*H220mm
Heaters (additional purchase) Voltage 12V
Current 200mA max
Temperature +70℃




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